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7:30 – 7:40 PM EST


Join our virtual 10-minute glute workout class this Friday. One drop in entry.

Recommended equipment: Resistance booty band, medicine ball, or dumbbells.


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Whether you're looking to tone up, strengthen, or simply add some shape to your glutes, our new 10-minute glute workout class is the answer. Whether you're a beginner or advanced fitness enthusiast, these targeted exercises will transform your booty and boost your overall body strength. The best part? You don't need any fancy gym equipment or a lot of space. Just dedication, a little bit of time, and the desire to work on building a stronger, more toned lower body.

Get ready to feel the burn! This isn't just any routine; it's a carefully curated series of exercises aimed at leg and butt activation. Imagine dedicating just 10 minutes of your day in the comfort of your home to work on sculpting those legs and toning that butt. The beauty of this workout is its simplicity. With easy-to-follow moves, you'll find yourself building strength and confidence with each session. What's more, the versatility of this workout means you can easily incorporate it into your daily routine.

Whether it's a morning pick-me-up to kickstart your day or an evening wind-down routine, the flexibility is yours. And with consistent effort, you'll notice the difference not just in your glutes and legs but in your overall posture and movement. The focus on leg activation ensures that not only your glutes but your entire lower body benefits from this regimen. By combining both isolation and compound movements, this workout ensures comprehensive muscle activation.

So, even if your main focus is on building up those glutes, you'll find your legs becoming stronger and more defined as well. Incorporating this 10-minute routine into your day is the perfect way to ensure you're prioritizing your health and fitness, even with a busy schedule. It's a commitment to yourself, a promise that you'll dedicate those few minutes every day to focus on your well-being. And the results? They'll speak for themselves. Ready to take the challenge?

Join us this Friday and every Friday for a workout experience that promises results, convenience, and an opportunity to focus on yourself. Let's work on building a better you, one workout at a time.

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