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Encouraging mothers and women to be their own body goals and changing lives for the better as an online personal trainer and certified plant-based sports nutritionist is Saudia Chi’la’s ultimate goal.

Saudia, a born athlete, can remember running since she could walk, which later in life lead her to a successful Track & Field career as a Teenager. Training hard for Track & Field was just the beginning of her fitness journey. Many years later, Saudia’s love for preventive health, self-care, and fitness grew. She stopped being a self-made plant-based personal chef and followed her true passion by becoming a certified trainer and certified plant-based sports nutritionist. Today, she runs her training and plant-based sports nutrition company, Matriarchy, LLC DBA Saudia Chi’la.

Even though Saudia is newly a certified trainer, she had years of training with the top Coaches in Southern California and over ten years of Track & Field experience. She has transformed her life and whats to assist women in their fitness and plant-based nutrition journey. Saudia Chi’la prides herself in focusing on women as her main clientele.

Saudia’s passion for training mothers and women with productive lifestyles stems from her own experience as a productive mama and woman. She takes pride in what she cooks in the kitchen for herself and family, with her productive schedule as a full-time entrepreneur, full-time proactive mother and wife, and with taking self-care fit time.

Challenging herself and others to reach any fitness, nutrition, or lifestyle goal is Saudia’s number one priority. Saudia feels that fitness, Plant-Based Nutrition, and a healthy/balanced mindset is overall health and wellness.

Saudia plant seeds, that’s it. It’s your fitness and nutrition journey, not Saudia’s; in no way will she force you or make you feel bad because you aren’t choosing to eat plant-based/vegan while training with her.

Her mission is to continue educating yourself, keep evolving to be a better human and women’s coach, and educate and assist the SHE SWEATS SOLID SQUAD in building a solid fitness and nutrition foundation.

Nutrition and fitness is the first step to a new and healthy lifestyle for any woman, no matter how busy their hectic schedule is!