She Sweats Solid Glutes Live Program


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It’s going up 4-days a week (Mon-Thurs) starting Monday, Feburary 1, 2021, at 6 PM EST. on Zoom.

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Hey, babes! Saudia Chi’la here. I am the host of my NEW live” She Sweats Solid™️ Glutes” at-home fitness program. It’s going up 4-days a week (Mon-Thurs) starting Monday, February 1, 2021, at 6 PM EST. and ends Thursday, February 25, 2021, at 6:30 PM EST. on Zoom.

 If you want to maintain your weight, gain weight or burn stubborn body fat, tone up, or build muscle mass through strength training, high-intensity interval training (HIIT), and vegan/plant-based sports nutrition, this Vegan Gains program is for you.

Kick start your vegan/plant-based fitness and sports vegan/plant-based nutrition gains journey with like-minded women and me and gain access to our “Women Only, Member Only” Accountability @shesweatssolidgains PRIVATE account where I will post, and you will receive.

You will get 16 live zoom classes for the month of February for only $40. Equipment needed: Yoga Matt, resistant booty band.

I will post vegan and plant-based nutrient-dense meal plan ideas on the @shesweatssolidgains accountability account. (Breakfast, snacks, lunch, and dinner.)

Exclusive Discount Codes
(By email, post & stories on @shesweatssolidgains)

Solid Sundays for Accountability
(live chats with solid babes & post on @shesweatssolidgains)

You can update me in private about your fitness and vegan/plant-based nutrition journey by sharing your achievements or struggles and before, during, and after pictures by text (Mon-Friday)
8 AM EST. – 6 PM EST.

It’s going up, babes, all 2021 and beyond.
If you are ready to hold yourself accountable, show up, and show out for yourself mentally and physically in the comfort of your home 4-days a week (Mon-Thurs) at 6 PM EST. SIGN-UP and Join the “She Sweats Solid™ Squad!

Customer Reviews

4 Reviews

4 reviews for She Sweats Solid Glutes Live Program

  1. Lay_Aside_Every_Weight (verified owner)

    I’m middle-aged, have a chronic hip injury, and have the dreaded “box booty” (H shape, Google it). I signed up for this program primarily because I wanted to get back to working out after the holidays. From our first interaction, Saudia has been nothing but graceful, compassionate, kind, and TOUGH! The She Sweats Solid Glutes program is different every day, which kept me engaged; Saudia’s knowledge and personality kept me engaged.
    In addition to the workouts, there’s time for some conversation – to ask questions about improving your fitness and health without judgment. That access is an added bonus.
    Four weeks out, my husband said he could see a difference in my booty (he referred to the program as my “Stallion workouts” LOL), which prompted me to sign up for another session!
    This program is time and money well-spent. I encourage you to invest in yourself and give it a try.

  2. Msschuler

    I enjoyed this glute program. You can tell that Saudia really loves what she does and wants her clients to win. I wish the classes were a bit longer but this is well suited for beginners.

  3. Kay Rodriguez

    The She Sweats Solid Glutes challenge came at a perfect time for me due to covid weight gain. I was a little nervous at first since its been a while since Ive worked out. But baybee let me tell you, class size is small and she will call your name out to make sure you’re doing your best. Duration was 30 min, which was great for me since its been a while Ive worked my body out, it was just enough! I was so sore the first day and I missed that feeling so much. All her workouts can be modified and still receive the same benefits. The workouts may seem like it wont affect you until you ACTUALLY do them lol. I have lost 10lbs and could of lost way more, but the weight went into the glutes gains department of my body and I like it there. I am now starting the She Sweats Solid Gains program and am so ready for it. I knew after my results that Saudia’s programs are right for me. Oh and Im vegan and so is she and that just makes it even better because I can actually get real meal plans that will suit my diet! Thankyou Saudia!! Oh one more thing, her Vegan Sports Nutrition book is an added bonus, it has all the meal recipes you can make during the program and a great bible when training. Its a must buy book!

  4. Dhardri

    This glute class was awesome! Saudia really put a lot into the workouts and really helping to make sure each person is getting the best out of the program. The class size is small and just right, as it allows you to get to know the other participants and support each other. The workouts can be modified if you need based on your level of workout expertise. Class time is not too long… I probably would like another 15 min (45min instead of 30). Even in the 30min, you’re going to feel that burn and know that it is effective!! I truly enjoyed it and I’m happy that I joined as it was a challenge for me that I conquered. Saudia is a goldmine of fitness/health knowledge.

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