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SHE SWEATS SOLID Resistance Booty Bands for Women, Non-Slip for Legs and Butt Workout & Exercises

MEDIUM-HEAVY RESISTANCE BAND: activate core glute muscles with our medium-heavy resistance booty band and sculpt your ideal bum into existence. Every workout session keeps the lower body engaged and moves you a step closer to body confidence and love. Get those muscle fibres working to full capacity and apply the ideal resistance for a rounder, more evenly distributed buttocks.

NON-SLIP GRIP: stabilize your muscles but without the hassle. Shape a more peach-like, firm butt without breaking your routine to fix the band back in place. Whether you’re doing sumo squats, hip abductions, thigh contractions, or turning squats into crunches, our resistance booty band supports your every move. Want stability? Girl, we got you! No slipping and no awkward shifting!

HIGH-QUALITY FABRIC: latex and rubber resistance booty bands are ‘so yesterday’ and irritating to the skin. Our stretchy, poly-cotton fabric gives your skin enough room to breathe. Our stronger, superior-quality material is long-lasting and durable. For tough workouts, your resistance booty band goes the extra mile with you, and without breaking. Talk about a booty band that’s in it for the win!

SOFT MATERIAL: intensive workouts don’t have to be tough on the skin. Cotton and polyester combined to give a soft, luxurious feel when worn. This combo allows you to sweat it out, without triggering skin irritation or allergies. We unite strength and softness, so your material not only lasts but feels darn good on the skin.

CHIC, LIGHTWEIGHT POUCH: attractive, small, and elegant pouch to store and take your resistance booty band wherever you go, makes it ideal to strengthen the lower body whenever you travel. No need to worry about leaving your workout gear behind. Simply grab along your pouch and travel hassle-free and light.


Want to shape your booty by triggering core muscles in your buttocks? Our SHE SWEATS SOLID resistance booty bands were made to support strong, active women, who want to get or maintain a curvy, voluptuous booty.

The booty is often neglected when you exercise, but with our durable, comfortable SHE SWEATS SOLID booty band, you get your entire lower body activated and toned to the heavens. A high, firm, and toned booty is attractive, and that’s what you sign up for when you snag our resistance band, right this minute.

Your fitness journey doesn’t need to be brutal. Our bands bring out the fun, hip side to working out and getting fit. So, whether you’re exercising for maintenance or just starting out, this support system gets you results.

Our superb cotton and polyester combo ensure you get the best of both worlds. No irritation or gnawing at your beautiful skin, but enough strength to keep up with your robust activities.

While our SHE SWEATS SOLID booty bands were made to support and stabilize your workout sessions, we’re all about transformation. Our resistance bands:

  • lift your self-confidence by lifting your booty
  • improve your overall health and well-being
  • remove booty insecurities and booty woes
  • sweeten your fitness journey
  • give you a body others love and admire

SHE SWEATS SOLID exercise resistance bands make firm booties that’ll accentuate in those skin-tight dresses you love so much. Your boyfriend will drool, and every other female will want a ‘behind’ like yours.

With our resistance booty bands, you can do:

  • Squats (jump squats, prison squats, sumo squats, Asian squats, etc)
  • Lateral band walks
  • Glute raises
  • High abduction exercises
  • Donkey kicks
  • Fire hydrants

If you snag our SHE SWEATS SOLID booty band right now, you’ll get a non-slip resistance band and a beautiful pouch for storage and on the go use. For design, you’ll have two options to choose from.

Our modern snake print catches the eye and is beautiful to look at, while our black booty band fits in with just about any exercise outfit. Both booty bands are a size small, with medium-heavy resistance (10-15lbs).

To maintain and extend the life of your booty band, please heed the following instructions:

  • Do not add to a washer. Always handwash
  • Do not use bleach on the material
  • Do not iron
  • Leave to air dry

Are you ready to kickstart your fitness journey or ramp things up a bit? Get your SHE SWEATS SOLID booty band today and start building a butt to die for.

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