She Sweats Solid Booty Band Mystery Box


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In your SHE SWEATS SOLID™ Booty Band Mystery Box, you get:

  • Two branded randomly chosen SHE SWEATS SOLID™ booty bands.
  • SHE SWEATS SOLID gift box.
  • SHE SWEATS SOLID tissue paper.
  • Branded black mesh storage pouch.

SPREAD THE LOVE: our exclusive booty band mystery box comes equipped with all the stuff you need to share the love. With a branded gift box and tissue paper, you have everything on hand to present a gift to a friend. Gift yourself branded resistance booty bands and use our exclusive mystery box and tissue paper to deliver your friend’s gift. Better yet, snag 2 exclusive mystery box sets and start twinning with your girl. Talk about having a strong support system to ace those fitness goals!

BE A PART OF A COMMUNITY: our branded booty band mystery box officially identifies you as a member of the tribe. You get to be a part of a community that cares and promotes a healthy lifestyle, fitness, and booty building. Together, we can build stronger bodies, minds, and firmer bums.

ACTIVATE & STRENGTHEN GLUTE MUSCLES: lower body exercises aren’t enough to activate important glute muscles. Our booty bands give your glutes the ammunition they need to stimulate the muscles to strengthen the booty and lower body. In this gift box, you get two medium-heavy resistance bands randomly chosen to speed up activation and engage those hips and legs. Shaping and toning your glutes has just gotten simpler for the holidays.

FIRMER AND TIGHTER BOOTY: our booty band makes it easy to build the bum you want using different exercises and variations. It meets you anywhere you are in your fitness journey and adds a touch of life to workouts. Say goodbye to boring fitness routines and ‘hello’ to firmer, tighter bums.

HEIGHTENED SELF-CONFIDENCE: you get that high, well-shaped, and round booty you’ve always dreamt of. Not only does your rump look better, but confidence in your fitness journey will blow through the roof. There’s no better way to get quick results with booty-building, so get your exclusive band and start your engine.

INCREASED FOCUS AND STABILITY: stay safe and protected while building the body you love. Our exclusive resistance bands brace the thighs and protect the knees while you move up and down. With our non-slip material, you get to focus on the exercise, rather than getting the band to fix in place. The soft, luxurious material gives added support to the band, as it doesn’t irritate or suffocate the skin. Simply set and do your thing.

Get fit and firm for the holidays with our SHE SWEATS SOLID™ Booty Band Mystery Box. Babes, it’s been a tough year. You owe it to yourself to get through this looking like the queen you are.

Leave no room for tense, stiff muscles to thrive. These exclusive resistance booty bands breakups stubborn muscle fibers in the glutes. Give your body the boost it needs to work harder for better results. This exclusive offer disappears after the holidays, so snag your box right this minute.

Join the strong, healthy booty movement and get your exclusive box to kickstart the holidays with a bang. There’s no better way to look and feel great!

For the holidays, we’re giving you all you need to spread a little love and sunshine around. Gift yourself this exclusive booty band mystery box or show some love to one of your girls. It’s that simple.

To care for your branded resistance booty bands, please follow the instructions:

  • Avoid machine-washing at all cost
  • Leave to air dry
  • Do not iron
  • Do not apply bleach

Are you ready to kick things up a notch for the holidays and dive right into a fitness routine? Or do you want an inexpensive, meaningful way to impact your friend’s life through gifting?

Our SHE SWEATS SOLID™ Booty Band Mystery Box does the trick. You can choose to build your ideal booty or gift the entire experience to a friend. But here’s a better idea: get 2 exclusive booty band mystery boxes and have your friend join you on your fitness journey. Booty building is more rewarding with friends who share the vision.