Soy-Free Vegan Weight Gain Meal Plan


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14 – Day Soy-Free Vegan Weight Gain Meal Plan + Recipe Cards for Vegan Women looking to gain healthy weight and build muscle mass while on their body gains journey.

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A deliciously healthful vegan journey awaits. This meal plan is based on 2000-2300 calories per day with a good intake combination of vegetables, fruits, vegan protein sources, wholesome carbohydrates, and healthy fats. Drinks during the day can include coffee and tea with dairy-free milk of choice, freshly squeezed juice, and plenty of water.

  1. Follow the meal plan a second time for a 1-month meal plan if you would like.
  2. You can swap any days around if you prefer to do day 1 on day 5, then just switch the full day’s meals.
  3. You can swap your meals within a day. If you prefer to have a smoothie for dinner and a bigger meal early, you can swap the meals around, as long as you get the full day’s meals and snacks during the day.

Cheers to accountability, discipline, consistency, hard work, and patience!


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