Vegan Sports Nutrition for Women

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Vegan Sports Nutrition for Women eBook is for active women who are ready to level up, tone up, and build muscle mass through plant-based nutrition. In this beginner’s guide, you will learn about plant-based protein myths, digestive enzymes for maximum energy, top foods for peak performance, nutrition for before, during, and after working out, and so much more! Women who should invest in the Vegan Sports Nutrition for Women eBook –

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  • Vegan athletes 
  • New vegans
  • Vegan fitness enthusiasts
  • Women interested in transitioning to a plant-based “diet.” 
  • Non-vegans who want to learn about vegan sports nutrition
  • Non-vegans who want to implement vegan sports nutrition practices into their lifestyle

We hope that once you have read Vegan Sports Nutrition for Women beginner’s guide, you will feel confident in your foundation of taking on a wholesome plant-based lifestyle during your fitness journey. Cheers to accountability, discipline, consistency, hard work, and patience!

4 reviews for Vegan Sports Nutrition for Women

  1. lakishawhite7763 (verified owner)

    This book is amazing, 202 pages!!! This is definitely worth the money! It is very informative, one of the main things that was holding me back from my vegan journey was being afraid of losing too much weight and not getting the proper nutrition that I needed.. this book is going to help me in so many ways! I love it and have learned a lot! Thank you for this Saudia! ✨

    • saudiachila

      I am happy to hear that the knowledge I shared in my eBook you find helpful to you. Thank you so much for supporting and sharing your feedback. Cheers to longevity while on your vegan journey, Lakisha!

  2. Sherrell Heyward (verified owner)

    Listen, I haven’t gotten far in your eBook & I’ve already learned some things that I haven’t come across on the internet. The structure of the eBook, your back story, & how you thoroughly explain everything is amazing! I already feel more confident in my journey to become 100% plant based & not be tempted into consuming actual meat or some other form of protein that isn’t aligning me with my plan-based goals. I wasn’t too confident I could achieve my body goals (basically, keeping & improving my butt), now I am. If I’m feeling like this & I haven’t even put a dent in the eBook, I already know The rest will blow me away. Your brand is amazing. YOU ARE AMAZING! Much love & THANK YOU for this. ?

    • saudiachila

      Hi Sherrell, I am so happy to hear that my eBook is helping you gain confidence in taking on your plant-based journey head-on! I am so excited for you, and I am cheering for you. Thank you so much for your kind words and support. I truly appreciate you.

  3. Kay Rodriguez (verified owner)

    I wish I can give it a double rating!
    Ive been a Vegan for almost 4 yrs and I love it. I’ve been following Saudi’s IG for the longest and was immediately hooked at all the amazing meals she made. I would always tell her she needed to come out with a cookbook…. Well she exceeded that with the “Vegan Sports Nutrition for Woman” book. She hit us with double the gems! I can’t express it enough how someone like me appreciates a book like this! WHY?! Because I was training and working out so hard for a year and a half , I had successfully lost a lot of weight but in the midst of it my nutrition lacked, i felt like I wasn’t eating enough or the right foods that would support all my workouts. I would feel lightheaded or had a headache after a workout. Or would lack energy on the stair master. I ended up losing hair all because my nutrition lacked. BUT NOW, I’m going again and this time it will be even better because of this book. It breaks down EVERYTHING you need to know. It gives you the different ranges if alkaline foods , the best herbal supplements to take during training. It y’all about the different level of intensity and how and what to eat for each of those levels , what to do pre and post workout …. And delicious recipes!!! This book is like having a trainer and a nutritionist all at once! I mean there’s so much more! If you are a vegan or not, this book is for you! Thankyou Saudia!!

    • saudiachila

      Hi Ms. Rodriguez,

      I am excited about what your plant-based fitness journey will bring to you, now that you have the nutrition knowledge you need to help your body and mind flourish. ?

  4. Sarah Ford (verified owner)

    I bought this eBook hoping that it would bring me to the next level with sports training while being vegan. Saudia went above and beyond my expectations! Her attention to detail, and in-depth knowledge of plants, supplements, etc. is life changing. This eBook has motivated me to become more plant based and cut out the processed vegan foods. Thank you so much Saudia for dropping this gem!

    • saudiachila

      Hi Ms. Ford,

      My heart is smiling. I am so honored I can be of service to you and all women who are on their vegan fitness journey. Thank you for sharing your feedback with me! 🙂

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